Why I practice yoga?

“The body is a map to the soul and…my own body speaks a language that is designed for me to hear and learn from” 

— Mariel Hemingway

I found yoga at 18 years old out of sheer curiosity.  I have always experienced anxiety and approached yoga in an attempt to find calm. I was impressed by its depth and dynamism— the strengthening and toning while at the same time lengthening and stretching of the body. I was also moved by the powerful effect it had on my psyche—calming, sharpening my consciousness of my entire self (body, mind, spirit) and grounding me in the present. Although I loved the effects, for years I sporadically dipped my toe into yoga, but never plunged fully. Over the past couple of years, I have deepened my practice by taking classes first twice a week, then three times, and now nearly every day. In addition to the physical benefits, yoga gives me clarity, inspiration, a sense of calm, and ultimately…joy (ananda in Sanskrit). It was this feeling of joy that ultimately made me decide to teach yoga. I am currently a yoga teacher, having completed my 200-hour astanga vinyasa yoga teacher training course in Geneva, Switzerland. With this in hand, I can spread the benefits of yoga to others.

Bakasana (Crow pose)

Alongside yoga I am a public health and health promotion specialist, having completed my MSc in London in 2011. By day I work as an assistant project manager, rolling out health interventions and projects in Abu Dhabi.

Culturally, I am a mix—I was born in Yaounde, Cameroon, spent some of my adolescent years in Geneva, Switzerland, and completed my university studies in Rhode Island, U.S. Before moving to Abu Dhabi, I completed my Masters in London and then lived in Geneva, doing yoga by night and working for the United Nations by day.


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